Question for Frontline/Healthcare Workers - Have I screwed up my chance to ever work in healthcare again?

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I was on the frontline of the pandemic since the beginning as a respiratory therapist. After a year in Covid I quit my job somewhat abruptly /and got a new RT job immediately working in a long term care facility. I had a good three month review and got along pretty well with both patients and staff. But I was always filled with dread and panic-even on my days off- I just had these awful feelings of doom and something really bad happening. My apple watch gave me a heart rate of 165 even doing mundane tasks like changing out an inner cannula in a stable patient. I quit that position. I did tell the manager that I just had too much anxiety. They deserved to know. And I think it was better for any potential patients that I did quit because with all my anxiety or hyper vigilance the chances of me missing something important or making some other mistake were increased

so I want to know if you think I screwed up my chance to ever work in healthcare again? I am afraId word will go around that l am unreliable. I am a half glass empty type of person so maybe this is a cognitive distortion but I thought someone in the field could give me an educated thought

thank you
Hello, I'm sorry you're going through this. When you quit your two jobs, did you give your 2 week notice? If you didn't, then you probably won't get a good referral.

If you're ready to go back to work, then you could start by working through registry.

Do you have a therapist to talk to? Have you seen a doctor or psychiatrist about your anxiety? Getting the help you need will make a big difference.
Some things to consider:

A lot of people left their jobs during covid, and that includes a lot of HC practitioners, with many quoting pandemic related stress and fatigue. You aren't alone in this.

How did you quit? With notice? With a good reference? If you took the time to notify the LTC employer of your stress, I'm guessing you did things in a way that didn't burn any bridges.

Are you still a member in good standing with your regulatory body?

There's a lot of demand for HC workers right now, in all fields. And they aren't all full time, there's flexibility in scheduling. I'm willing to bet there's a position out there for you, if you're ready to go back.
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