Question of possible disassociation


Ok I'm not sure where to start. I'll just go. Several times this year I've had a feeling of kind dejavu sort of but its been more about the type of weather. Idk if it makes sense. But when I step outside especially when it is like the first day kind of season. I get this strange feeling of dejavue like I have been in this particular feeling of weather but not in the normal sense like I like this weather but more like something is important. Its hard to explain. I've had disassociate episodes of a different kind of before but these are a little weird


How often are you experiencing deja vu? This phenomenon is not related to PTSD, no. If you're experiencing it multiple times per day, you should speak with a neurologist as it may be epileptic in nature. It could also be a silent migraine/prodrome or an aura if you get migraines. If you feel like "something is important" this is presque vu && is related to deja vu as well.