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Question On PTSD Issue / Phobia

Discussion in 'General' started by responsiblek9, Jun 4, 2007.

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    Having trouble with a severe phobia issue and it started a week after a close friend died in a terrible way . In winter the phobia and hallucinations go away completely.

    I saw a neuro doc to make sure was not coming from the neuro issues. It is not a simple phobia though . Has the therapist at a standstill flummoxed. And also the previous therapist could not make headway on it either. Attacking it by symptom did not work so coming at it from the trigger that set it off in the beginning we hope. .

    And it has been three years and escalated to beat the band. But the question is . Is it unusual for a phobia to turn into a very clear powerful hallucination that is very much related to the phobia of a real here and now object I deal with when it is not winter.

    I dont want to go into specifics because if I did some of ya might go on a crash diet..

    Nora in Colorado
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  2. dljwhitewolf

    dljwhitewolf Active Member

    Yes, it does get better. I had been abused in a satanic cult in the sixties, and all that it entails, if I made a movie about it, no one would believe it. I have anniversary memories, and have come to know some. Unfortunately I do not have the winter freedom you do. My history really starts at age two, but the abuse started at age three, very delicate years in forming neuro transmitting areas of the brain. Unfortunately when my complex ptsd began, I was 26, now 44, and it started around June and September, and began with deep dark depressions. For a how and why person like myself, I thought I was going crazy. I have come to understand through vivid flashbacks, that certain times of the year mark events that took place, getting out of school for the summer, and going back to school. Without knowing your specifics, I can only give a few pointers.
    When a person is threatened with their life being taken, even if it is a suggestion, the mind races on how to get out of this peril, the fight or flight instincts we have. Years later, the mind holding memories from us, plays subtle tricks on us to make us deal with parts of this trauma we have not.
    The death could be your minds way of telling you of what could have happened to you, the time of year could be substanial along with it or the part that triggered it. If abuse happened as a child, it can turn into the boogie man being in your head, or as an adult the threat of violence can reoccur in other areas. Ptsd is a very tricky thing to have, and it is a puzzle that doesn't always give the right peices at the right time.
    For instance, when I started getting therapy and speaking about my abuse, it brought out an abundance of phobias, that years later made sense. I was threatened not to tell anyone as a child, and was shown horrific events to prove they meant business if I did, and used live bait in human form. Fast forward, when I began to speak of the hideous events, my memories began showing me what will happen to me, because I was telling. It was like I was being hunted down all the time.
    It is a puzzle, and if you wish to go further, you can e-mail me. I was trained somewhat by a vietnam veteran on how to get out of my flashbacks, and the only way of thanking him is helping others.
    But it does sound like I could give you a feather duster to remove the hidden puzzle peices you have. hope your day goes well, and it is completely normal for where you are right now, even if it doesn't feel comfortable.
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  3. anthony

    anthony Silently Watching Founder

    Its a bit hard for any member to give advice or experience if they don't know the full story because you don't want to go into specifics!!!
  4. Ok .. it is a fly phobia and my food looks like it has fly larvae in it when I try to eat it unless I have it directly in my hand. So i been kinda stuck with burritos and food I can hold without setting down or peanuts and dry foods like that.
    I have never had a problem like this before but this one has been steadily getting worse since the day it started each spring.
    It started when my friend died of a horrible death with a huge fly larvae infestation in his leg.

    The way the fly phobia manifested was not unusual but the dad gum food hallucination issue does not make sense. But it is wrecking my life .
    I will be gone for a few days but hope this explains a little as to why I asked the question.
  5. anthony

    anthony Silently Watching Founder

    Ok, mental issue, purely, and once again, one that you can spend thousands of dollars upon having a therapist attempt to tell you all these things, but at the end of the day, wasted money because the only person who can change your thinking style is yourself. So lets use an example, and I would love for you to give me one right back thanks... just so I know your on the same road.

    Your using the "what if" thinking style, so then, tell me what if the sky where to fall in tomorrow, would you stop living life today? What if you had a phobia of a plane falling out of the sky, would you stop going outside or would you stop being inside so you can see the sky constantly? What if you got a phobia of a car hitting you, would it be realistic to stop going near anything with cars? If you did, you would be isolated to your house, and even that wouldn't stop a car driving into your house.

    "What If" thinking styles only you can change, nobody else, and to do this you have to begin applying statistic facts, figures and commonsense. So what that your friend died of a fly larveu infection, does that really mean you are? No... it means they died of it, not you... as sad as the death is, it is not realistic, factual, nor commonsense for you to believe you are going to die of the same thing. They could have an immunity issue where the fly eggs got inside and their immune system could not kill the infection, etc etc etc... if someone jumps of a bridge, does it mean you will? No... but what if they did? Would you? No.... why?
  6. Sorry I am late in replying but was in hospital for 9 days . The fly phobia food hallucination issue we found is partly caused by the brain lesions from an old head injury. They just had to give me some more coping skills to get around it so I could eat. Then they gave me some meds to help with the neuro issue and it got a bit better. Just took a while for them to figure it out but they were talking to the neurologist to get a handle on it . Sometimes it is hard to figure out what is caused by a physical issue and what is caused by a mental issue . But it was majorly feeding the PTSD issue big time and I thought I was losing my mind. Wasn't losing my mind just had a part that is damaged and misinterpreting what it was seeing is how the docs explained it to me. That took a lot of the fear out of the issue for me.

    But the fear is there and no it is not as uncommon up here as you might think with the fly larvae infection in wounds . But usually it is in animals and not humans. But someone with neuropathy or diabetes can be vulnerable if they cant feel their feet and forget to inspect them daily.

    I am a bit neurotic about making sure I dont have wounds or cuts on my feet because I do have neuropathy in my legs and feet. By taking precautions i do keep the fear down in the summer. But the brain neuro issue was making me crazy with the hallucination symptoms. Now that the hallucination issue is more under control it has made the other more real issue be less of a fear .

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