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Ravages of Anger, False Entitlement and COVID Noncompliance

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Within my area and my residence of an large skyscraper of 160 units, daily COVID noncompliance situations exposes us all. We are located in a large county situation where a hotbed of Covid Cases are notoriously reported & still rising. Three postal codes nearby, deaths sear into those undocumented communities that tirelessly serve as essential to agriculture while having little access to health care. Covid is taking toll disproportionately as several in my daily path flaunt “Me First” entitlement of noncompliance of masking as well as space proximity.

For 8 months now, I have witnessed a promenade of unmasked transient or homeless as major fires flushed them into relocation. It is the same privileged false-thinking ideology among the same sector of race. It appears an almost imbedded psychosis here with voiced objections based on their entitlement often shouting ‘white‘ among their rhetoric. Because many people of all races are confronting local transients as well as residents to wear mask, (volunteers handing out mask, ect., agencies engaging for change of dampening the contagions of COVID-19) ... the unmasked react heavily to civil request with major civil unrest resulting in further destruction.

I am not doing as well as I would like managing my choice of reactions when unmasked residents force their way into the small elevator that I am on. I have made several proactive choices over the months to avoid confrontation, worked hard on stifling my initial knee-jerk mouth, jabbered to my therapist, building managers, police, ect. (all the right stuff). Yet now, today, I am exceedingly tired of people placing me at exposure risk. It feels like abuse by bullies who repeat almost the same lemming-mantra despite our laws and the harsh reality of too many deaths within our area. Anger is taking it’s due. But perhaps the greatest casualties fall on everyone’s mental health, spirit and life as the divide widens.
I am sorry. After leaving Portland in July, we have had a reprieve from the worst of what we were dealing with in our downtown apartment building (which had a little more than half as many units as yours), including protesters who were more than happy to congregate by the thousands without masks and then come back to their apartments and get too close or crowd us into the street as we tried to get to the grocery store. No masks in the building, of course. We gave up public transportation because no one wore masks there and social distancing on public transit was a joke especially with people asking for money. We walked everywhere, dodging and ducking everywhere we went because people just didn't get it and would still get close enough to smack into a shoulder on the street -- no consideration for my life, whatsoever - no consideration for anyone's lives. I imagine it is getting very old by now.

I am glad to hear that you have been able to keep from getting confrontational. I cannot imagine that doing so is not extremely difficult at this point.
Most people I know that can't wear a face mask very long, are people that smoke ( or have some kind of restriction to their lungs) Then there are the people that just refuse to. I'm sorry its up-close and personal for you.
I am sorry. After leaving Portland in July, we

Full respect for what you and yours went through and what we still are facing! I too am so sorry for the added weight on so many with frail health and/or full stress cups. It feels like a bad Sci-f, yes? Thanks for adding your story and point of view...it helped.

@Deanna 🤗 Hug if you accept. I completely understand the right for medical, however, I might take a wild guess and venture to say ...that you would mask for a moment to protect a newborn in a hospital elevator. Right? That is compassion for others. That is what is missing among many in this locale and many are frightened hence angry. So many incidents here that donot reflect poorly on you or your special needs. Take care.
Wait a minute.. I must hqve not explained my post right. I wear a mask. I don't have special needs. I was just saying that some smokers try to get out of wearing a mask or don't wear one, as well.
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@Deanna 🤔🤣 It was probably my misinterpretation. I am pretty special needs in the moment...even my dog can verify that. I have honestly surpassed my tipping point with the daily conflicts in a cramped elevator and unmasked people who disregard the large signs of occupancy for the elevator as well as the three foot poster on wearing a mask. My apologies.
It feels like a bad Sci-f, yes?

It was bizarre - very much like bad sci-fi. I am really sorry you are still going through all of that. We have new stressors but it sounds like you have a whole lot of really unfortunate human behavior you are dealing with. I'll be honest, I miss the city but I couldn't go back now and to be in a bigger building in what sounds like a bigger area?? Maybe if I could just order groceries and live in the bath tub.

It sounds to me like your anger/frustration is 100% justified which is not necessarily helpful but all I can do with this is empathize. And you have been doing this for a long time.

Do you have a punching bag - something to throw knives at? Maybe play Eye of the Tiger really loud and just swing at the air???

I don't know but I hope you are able to find a way to get a little relief. That's a lot to deal with.
It drives me crazy. 20 years of my blowing smoke on you 24/7 MIGHT give you cancer... but 2 seconds of exhaling can kill me and everyone I love. The hippy-dippy-sheeple around here, though? Still get all up in arms about cigarettes and DGAF about masks.

People not wearing masks pisses me off even more than drunk drivers. Because choosing to drive drunk, and risk everyone else’s lives? Was at least a decision made whilst impaired, and people are held to the consequences of their actions.

So, yeah. I get pissed off at people threatening my life & the lives of those I love.

On TOP of that, there’s trauma-stuff tied up in my life & the lives of those I love being threatened, as well as active and old triggers/stressors around my face & respiration. So I have zip zero nada zilch sympathy for people who get flashbacks & other symptoms from wearing masks. I get those, too. And the ways to manage those? Are legion. So a person gets my empathy, but not my absolution. Current threat to life trumps past threats to life. Own your shit, and deal with it, rather than threatening the lives of everyone else, and demanding like some kind of squalling brat that THEY deal wih your shit, so you don’t have to. f*ck that noise. Triggers & stressors are not an excuse to hurt other people. Ever. This situation included.

Along the same lines, we’re a pulmonary family. My kid has spent years in the hospital, as have I. There is a very simple solution for respiratory distress, caused by any kind of dystonia / being too weak to breathe through even such a minor obstacle as a mask. It’s called an oxygen mask. A nasal cannula can simply provide more oxygen, if that’s the issue... but an o2 mask removes all pressure/resistance from the face, & Positive flow pressure assists even further. That sorts your own inspiration issues, then one places a mask over, to protect others. If you need more help than that? The next step is a motherf*cking VENT. Meaning your refusal to manage your own medical condition? Is pure petulance, and your so-called breathing problems are nothing more than a bullshit excuse to do what you wanna, and f*ck everyone else.

So, yeah. I’m something like 6 different kinds of pissed off at these cock juggling thunderc*nts, and their narcissistic bullshit.
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I'll be honest, I miss the city but I couldn't go back now

I totally hear you on the cityscape. However, although this area is considered one of the largest northern cities of Ca., it really reminds me of a burgeoning small town mindset desiring more tourists with media recognition.

Considering I grew up in one of the largest cities stateside, their overreach for posturing appears to be directly due to not having the common sense of knowing their actions will at some point get their arsh kicked. Often the entitled have been bubbled by their parents’ income but this will change quickly with our economy declining and diversification fluffing in.

dystonia / being too weak to breathe through even such a minor obstacle as a mask. It’s called an oxygen mask.

I am sorry your family has suffered and still struggles with breathing (if I grasped It right). Breathing is essential to everything. And it is true insofar as the oxygen masks and portable tanks for some residents here, they still wear a mask as well to cover their mouths and nose.

Unbeknownst, I grew up plus raised my Son in one of the two most air polluted cities at that time. When I visit my family, I hear him in the mornings still clearing his damaged lungs decades later. It hurts deep inside my heart as a Mom. I can understand your extra concern that not masking brings into the mix of those with weakened respiratory. This is a survival race with an adrenaline cocktail to go.

Insofar as my flashbacks when wearing a mask- they sucked for the first 300 times of masking. My therapist worked very hard with me as I fought through the exposure therapy lest my dog never go out. There are times, I am gasping - if the temp is 100 or I end up picking up plus carrying my stubborn 27 pound dog ... but I wear the d*mn mask nonetheless.
And the best thing was... I overcame a trigger.
Worse thing... I began to expect others to succeed within the mask arena.
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