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Read Here First - Where To Start

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This forum is dedicated to soley getting sufferers, spouse of sufferers, family and friends of sufferers to meet up within their local States, Cities and Towns, get together and meet new people.

Facts are, PTSD sufferers can associate better with another sufferer because they don't have the communication issues about secrets, or the other person not understanding, as we all suffer the same symptoms.

Social withdrawal is a major factor in PTSD, and also an important factor in your recovery. If you want to recover, then post your name and location, so others can private message you.

  1. DO NOT post phone numbers, addresses or email details.
  2. DO post your name, geographic location and short information if you are looking for other males, females or just sufferers, spouses, family or friends of PTSD to get in contact with.
  3. IF starting a new thread, the thread title is to contain the city, state and country if applicable. For example, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia or Houstan, Texas, USA etc etc.
Not open for further replies.