really hard night coming off meds


Hey all! I've been finally coming off the Geodon I've been on for four years. I'm on buspar as well, recently started, and finally felt like I could get off the geodon. Throughout this month I've tapered and last night I tapered from 40mg to 20mg in the middle of also being displaced from my temporary living situation and I am. NOT having a good time. I'm sitting here at 2am having an anxiety attack that I've been having for about 3 hours now. I took an anti anxiety med, I took CBD, I took my night meds, I meditated, I did yoga, I stretched, I read a book, I watched TV, I took a bath, nothing is touching it. I think I'm going to take another anti anxiety med bc it's not helping. I am already not in a good situation for my mental health, compounded by pandemic and possible COVID exposure, compounded by being stuck in limbo, and I just want to cry. I can't get myself to calm down and it's terrifying.

ms spock

Look I am struggling with tapering over a lot longer periods than you and I have stable housing.

Set yourself up for success. Wait until you have stable housing. Your poor nervous system - it's being hammered.

You have to be safe to come off medication. I know it's a goal but you have to really look after yourself first. Which is not easy during a pandemic.

If not useful please ignore.


Hi @ms spock and @Friday, I am totally off of it now and while I’m still sort of regretting it, I didn’t anticipate this living situation (it’s due to COVID and quarantine which was an added stress, just waiting for more of us to get sick. We didn’t who are living here, though, but I’m still here til my other situation they clear COVID) and I can’t get out of it til next week and I only had so many pills left. I guess I could have asked for more, but what’s done is done.

I went off completely last Monday. This change was honestly worse than the last one, I didn’t sleep the first night. It takes me hours to sleep and right now I’m just having panic after panic. I wake up every hour. It’s currently 1am and I’ve been trying to sleep since 10pm, but I am so terrified right now. I also need to refill my anti anxiety med but I keep forgetting to transfer the prescription over to my new pharmacy.

I’m safe but it’s crappy here. I have no more meds to take to sleep. I can’t take a bathe or shower because our water isn’t working.

I really regret coming off so quickly but my psych didn’t give me guidelines just basically change it around once a week and come off slowly. He didn’t monitor me at all and basically told me do whatever. I just hope I can sleep eventually.