Sexual Assault Really Upsetting// Unexpected realization and emotions


Cerridwen again

Today social media did a '9 years ago today' post. The photo was of me accepting a scholarship at an award ceremony. Before I was raped, I was "friends" with the person who assaulted me. I reposted the photo, and later I sat there trying to remember who took that photo....My own family was very alcoholic and neglectful and abusive in their own way....Anyways I realized he had taken it and it was the only photo I had of myself receiving an award for studying astrophysics. As mentioned earlier in the post, this was 9 years ago but for some reason this realization hit heavy and unexpected and I don't really know who else to share it with and so I am sharing it here. But for some reason in just made me extremely sad.
I can understand that makes you feel sad. It is sad that the only photo you have of such a special day and achievement was taken by the person whobthen raped you.
I am sad to hear about this. The important thing is that you had a picture of a very important moment to you . I hope you can focus on your own strength. The rapist/abuser needs no part in your accomplishments.