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Reallydown's Mental Imagery

Discussion in 'General' started by reallydown, Jan 24, 2007.

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  1. reallydown

    reallydown I'm a VIP

    This is an imaginery journey down a road. Take in the sights, sounds and colours, just like a video camera recording all that lies surrounding you. Survey the scene, noticing whatis far off in the distance, the background surrounds, the weather, the season and a total image of what you view. Feel the ground beneath your feet. Try to visualize it as a picture on a canvas, but with movement, sound, colour and emotion. You are the surveyor on this journey. Draw your journey on paper if you desire, as it often shows clearer results, then attach your drawing via snapshot or scan to your post.

    Q1. What colour is the road? the rroad is greyissh and brownish
    Q2. What texture is the road? gravel
    Q3. How solid is the road? gravel and a bit of sand...seems solid eenough

    You continue walking and come to a river that must be crossed. There before you is the river; the size and depth are up to you. You cannot go around it but must imagine a way to cross it. Whatever you need to cross the river is already within your mind, just imagine seeing yourself do it.

    Q4. How do you cross the river? i somehwo manage to swim across it
    Q5. What does the water look like? the waater is brwnish a bit murky
    Q6. How fast is the water current? the current is very fastt
    Q7. Is there anything in the water? If so, what? rocks

    You have crossed the river and continue walking. You come to a house. Take a good look at the house. Notice the impression it makes on you.

    Q8. What colour is the house? teh hossue is brrown
    Q9. What condition is the house in? dilapidaated
    Q10. Does anyone live in the house? If so, who? seems aabandoned

    We continue forward in our minds journey and come to an open field. A cup is on the ground, and we stop to examine it. The cup can be of any size, shape, colour and description. Focus on it's look, condition and contents.

    Q11. What colour is the cup? the cup is blue aan d whwit and dgreen
    Q12. What condition is the cup in? it's a little cracked...but ino ne piece
    Q13. Is there anything in the cup? If so, what? tteh cup iss empty

    You continue walking down the road and come to something blocking your path. It stops you in your tracks and prevents you from going forward. This is an obstacle.

    Q14. What is the obstacle, and please describe it in detail? ttehobstacle is a bear...it's huge ad black...it's mouth is open
    Q15. What do you see beyond the obstacle? inn teh distnac ei see a tree wwihtout leaves off tto one sdie of teh road

    // End The Road Interview "copy between the tags" //

    // Start Self Analysis "copy between the tags" //

    Now you have had a break, go back to every question and look at your response. Try and find what you feel that your mind presented the image it did. Explain colours you chose, textures, water, cup, solids, liquids, space, objects, people, anything and everything that you wrote from your projected image, try and find what you feel to why you have that image. Don't look hard at things, instead try and look for the easy answers, as they are often the correct one's. Don't attempt to find something that isn't present, just look at each aspect for its absolute simplicity.

    This is not an absolute, but something you must do in order to try and self analyse yourself. This is important. Please answer what you can, and simply define if you cannot find an emotion to a response you gave.
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  3. reallydown

    reallydown I'm a VIP

    1. i honeslty don't know...maaybe because i'm not too happy these days?
    2. why gravel? i guess things are nto very sommoth lately and haaven't been for ssome time
    3. no clue
    4. i struugle to swim across...kepe gettign overpwowerd by the current
    5.maybe thtis show s that i have no clue what's ggoing on most of teh time???i seriously don't know
    6.well it seems to want to carry me away...
    7.i don't know..i think river and i think rocks in it...probably no special reason
    8.i don't know..a wooden house...i pictured it near teh river so it kind of blends in wihtt he trees and...
    9.hmmm...venture a guess...saw aa lto of run down/destroyed houses in my day...
    10.don't know
    11. no idea
    12. oh and i twsa sititng on a saucer...forgto about that...
    13.all white inside...and nothing in the cup...
    14. hmm...maybe i freak out every time i run into a major obstacle?
    15. no idea
  4. anthony

    anthony Donate To Keep MyPTSD Founder

    You feel a great deal of confusion surrounding your life, likely due to the feeling of being depreciated throughout it. You are trusting, impulsive to get involved, yet deception predominates from depreciation, highlighting your poor self esteem. You are aware of your sexual intimacy issues, and that your support systems have been / are inadequate. You are quite confused about commitment, likely due to the victimization you feel due to being attacked and hurt. You see little hope for the future at present.
  5. reallydown

    reallydown I'm a VIP

    Thanks Anthony...I ddno't know about beign tursting...but the rest of it mkaes snese...although, cna you please explain the part about decpetion poredominatnig from depreciation? i'm nto sure what exactly trhat means...
  6. anthony

    anthony Donate To Keep MyPTSD Founder

    What it means, is that your sub-conscious is saying that deception surrounding sexual intimacy is affecting you. Something of a sexual nature, and you have been deceived in this regard.

    Yep... you are trusting in sexual intimacy... it tells that. You may not think you are, but your sub-conscious is saying differently.
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