Recent banning

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About a month ago, an incident among a number of long-time members came to a head.

The problem could be traced back to two members. Their actions were typical of PTSD: dysregulation, paranoia, anger. The problem played out over various PCs and threads. By the time it was all uncovered, their behavior had escalated. They were apparently unable or unwilling to stop themselves.

After re-evaluating their actions, I have decided to leave them banned from the forum.

Decisions like this are not made lightly. I fully expect it to not be popular.

What I want to impress on you is this: it’s one thing to become symptomatic and need to take - or be given - a break. But the problem involving these members went beyond short-term symptomatic behavior. If I hadn’t seen it for myself, I probably wouldn’t have believed it, to be honest.

It is a good reminder: be here to work on your PTSD. Be here to work on your mental health. When the time comes that you are no longer actively working on those things, let some real-world back into your life. Turning the forum into an obsession is not healthy.

Consider that the relationships you forge here are in service of your recovery. They may not have as active a place in your life once you start getting better.

Be capable of letting them go. Be capable of letting each other grow.

The decision is made. Any posts (profile or thread) discussing this matter will be deleted. I’m not going to police PCs looking for gossip - but do yourself (and the forum) a favor, and just don’t indulge in it.



I have instructed staff to begin banning anyone who continues to perpetuate nonsense about long time member bans. I double dare you to try me on this subject. I have no tolerance for those who want to play petty games and guise it as mental health.

Read the above notice, understand it, and if you have questions, raise a help ticket to discuss your thoughts with staff. DO NOT make ANY petty, snide or otherwise attempts within the community, and think they are missed by staff.

Staff are now instructed to ban first, by me, on such matters. You want to play petty social media nonsense, get on your FB or other social accounts and go hard -- not here. This is a place to work on you and your PTSD, not conduct petty social media nonsense.
Not open for further replies.