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Hello. I’ve been diagnosed with PTSD after having a pretty traumatic childhood, from being adopted to difficult experiences from childhood now. Leading up to getting diagnosed, I think I knew it was coming from having the flashbacks and feeling that I was reliving it the hard times.

I don’t know anyone else that suffers from PTSD and would love to hear from others who are just like me.

I don’t fully understand PTSD, I’ve tried Googling stuff to find out more, but it makes me anxious and worried.

If anyone could help me out by understanding it and ways to help me cope, I’d really appreciate it.

Thanks :)


Hi @Tmcc . Welcome to the site! You can find quite a good bunch of articles about PTSD here and have a look around the questions and diaries. Did the person who diagnosed you inform you more precisely about it? It would look to me that I’d be a good place to start with if actively looking after information makes you feel too anxious.

Quickly said, PTSD varies widely from person to person depending on the nature of the trauma(s), its intensity, the moment it occurred in life, who you are and your environment. But, it also can be very well managed and treated. So it’s not a hopeless dx at all and healing is very possible. It’s hard but it’s worth every effort.

I hope you’ll find the resources here that will comfort you and help you.


The Articles section is a great place to get plain English info. Check out this article for the basics of what your diagnosis means: PTSD: The Basics

Having said that, there's probably some specific personal reasons that you sought out support, and this is a great place to get support with those issues more directly from people who are (or have) experienced something similar.

Welcome to the forum. Sorry you have reason to be here, but you're in good company.