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I'm just going to write from the heart here, people.

I've done my best to be a fair, helpful, patient administrator. I'm just like all of you - I have PTSD, just like you. I'm a person, just like you.

I've managed predators who have come onto the board. Also, members you would be surprised to find out have fabricated their history. Members who have tried to stalk and harass other members, both on-forum and off.

Times when email addresses were given out too casually and resulted in off-forum harassment and stalking.

Times when members have actively threatened suicide to such an extent that led me to try and track down their physician.

Times when members have insisted that they said things they never said, or respond to themselves as anonymous while pretending to be two different people, or decide for whatever reason that they are being unfairly treated on the forum. I've emailed with those members much more than would be prudent, probably.

All of this - all of it - is in an effort to treat each of you as individuals deserving of respect and support.

I have a different tolerance point than @anthony, and sometimes, that's gotten me into trouble - by letting members go too far. But he's been great in trusting me to make these decisions.

When I extended the bans on Rain and LilLynx - I'm assuming this is what it's all about, I have to guess because none of you bothered to reach out and tell me you were feeling this disenfranchised - it was not done without a lot of consideration.

I'm not going to tell you what they did. They know what they did, and I don't think it's appropriate for me to address it here. I wish I could, because you'd see what I see. In the end, a number of members left the forum because of the actions of these two.

Those members will likely not come back. But losing them should not have happened. It was harassment, pure and simple. It was mean. And, what really breaks my brain, it was based on something that was so small, and so part of the core ethos of this place...No-one did anything to them. They then wound themselves up and did some really bad stuff to others, people who weren't even involved.

I don't know what else to tell you.

So, if you want to spam the forum with messages about oppression...well, I guess that's what you want to do. You've forced me to temp ban you both because the spam needs to stop. People come here to talk about real abuse. To get help. Not to see some protest over the banning of two people you like, who have most certainly not told you the entire story.

This is a game to you, I guess. I'll sit here and delete the spam, which will take a while. All you've done is thrown buckets of shit, and whether intended or not, you threw them straight at my head. I understand upset feelings, griping, complaining, angry emails...expressing bad feelings. Absorbing that as a result of hard actions I sometimes take, that's OK. That's the job. I take the hard blows because I know people are struggling, and I know I've tried to make a decision for the greater good.

Enough babble. I know I'm wordy, I have brain damage, so it is what it is.

I hope from the bottom of my heart that some part of this gets through to you. So maybe next time you can show some compassion, or at least try and understand how, sometimes, people do bad things and there are consequences.


Following up to address some things found in the clean-up:
If I believed that, I wouldn't be doing this. My friends are being hurt.
There are ways to point this out that don't require you ending up getting kicked off with nothing done to fix the problem
No, there aren't. I'm sorry for upsetting you, but I've tried other avenues, as have some wonderful members you'll never meet because they spoke their minds.

No other avenues were tried. Your friends hurt other people. They have not made any attempt to reach out to me and help me understand what they were doing, or how it went so far. And they both know, from extensive past correspondence, that I will always do my best to reach an understanding. If they have not truthfully relayed what happened, it means that they either don't know (massive symptom flare) or don't care (cruelty).

"Because they spoke their minds?" That's not at all what happened in this most recent case, and to be honest, it isn't what happens. Lots of members here have spoken their minds in fully uncensored ways, through the appropriate avenues, and have not been penalized for it. I'll listen to anyone - all they need to do is reciprocate, and listen in return. When it becomes clear that they aren't interested in communicating, they are exploding instead, then it's usually about something deeper than the issue at hand.

Whatever made you, and the others, believe that you were in a corner and that there was no other option - it's not reality. That's not reality, that's a distorted perception. You have options - you just didn't want to use them. If I am mistaken, if I'm wrong, I would like to know what I'm missing or not seeing. You can reach me, always, via the contact us link.


I have a different tolerance point than @anthony, and sometimes, that's gotten me into trouble - by letting members go too far. But he's been great in trusting me to make these decisions.
Members really need to absorb this. It's accurate. I have zero tolerance for nonsense -- especially where you are a guest in my house (this is my house), and by thinking you have free speech or other nonsense upon this website, you are deluded and lying to yourself. Respect our rules, our decisions, and we (owner, admin and staff) are open to discuss things via help ticket.

I have banned just over 20 members in one sitting some years back. I took out a whole possie of members who thought they ran this place, and those who were linked to the group, and they convinced themselves their leaving would bring down this site. Still here, because nobody else online does what we do for those suffering PTSD. Honestly, most just don't care. Many of those members tried many times to return via different names, even though they stated how much they didn't need this site.

We provide as safe a place as possible for those with PTSD to get peer support. This is the Internet. What we don't provide is a stomping ground for you to carry on shit that you get away with on social media in general. This site is heavily moderated, Facebook or such isn't. If you want to troll, go do it on another site without consequence.

Do stupid shit here, we remove you from the site. That simple. Act like an adult, we will treat you like an adult. Act like a child, we will treat you like a child.

Raise a help ticket and talk with staff. DO NOT gossip or other such nonsense across this site, member or public areas. That means no little snide remarks buried in content -- we find it all. Just don't do it please.
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