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Recently Diagnosed-Katrina Survivor

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by ovation228, Nov 2, 2007.

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  1. ovation228

    ovation228 Member

    Hi there,

    I was recently diagnosed with PTSD. I am a Hurricane Katrina survivor from Mississippi Gulf Coast now living in Maryland. I rode out the storm for nearly 11 hours. One day my hometown was there... the next day everything was gone. Since the storm I have moved 4 times and changed jobs 5 times. I dropped out of college and I've gained close to 60 lbs. I have no friends and my wife just recently moved out of our home. I have been hospitalized 3 times... once for suicide attempt. I'm taking antidepressants and other psych meds. I have a psychiatrist, 2 therapists (individual and family), and a depression group... all with weekly appointments.

    The basic gist of it is that, starting August 29th, 2005, life as I knew it ceased to exist. I feel like the storm has never ended and I am stuck in the turbulence. Every 2-3 months something big knocks me off my feet. It has been really difficult to get any sort of routine or stability into my life.

    Coping with this is all new to me. I was diagnosed with PTSD with depression and anxiety in March of this year. I hope that the group here can give me some insights. I also hope that I might be of help to others.

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  3. nie

    nie Wishing for wings to fly. Premium Member Donated

    :hello: Welcome ovation228
  4. becvan

    becvan Queen of the Blunt! Premium Member

    Welcome to the forum Ovation.

  5. hodge

    hodge I'm a VIP Premium Member Donated

    Welcome, Ovation.
  6. She Cat

    She Cat Policy Enforcement Banned Premium Member Sponsor $100+

    Welcome to the forum....
  7. ovation228

    ovation228 Member

    thanks everybody
  8. mikhail86

    mikhail86 New Member

    welcome to the forum! i am new also, and i can relate to you very well except i was an hour and a half to the west in the 9th ward of new orleans. i hope you get much better from this, i know how scary that day and those following truly were.
  9. Seabeevet

    Seabeevet Active Member

    Welcome, I use to live in Gulfport. sad to see so much damage... It will come back better and stronger. so will you.
  10. Grama-Herc

    Grama-Herc I'm a VIP

    Welcome to our little group. My heart goes out to you! I live in Florida and have been so blessed to have been missed by all the devestation. I can not wrap my brain around what you have been through. I am a multiple diagnosis as well with a heavy case of panic/anxiety so I know what you feel like AND have put on about 40 lbs. so any time you need to vent just say so. You are stronger than I would be HERC
  11. reallydown

    reallydown I'm a VIP

    Welcome to the forum.
  12. pandora

    pandora I'm a VIP

    Welcome to the forum!
  13. permban0077

    permban0077 Policy Enforcement Banned

    Welcome. I used to be from SE Texas and was hit by Rita the follow up hurricane. Did not seem like much of a break there was there. Thankfully for us anyway Katrina was a bit more East (unfortunate for you!). It is pretty surreal going back home to that. I could not have imagined trying to ride it out. I evacuated. Ridden out many a coastal storms so I sort of know the terror. Went home to see mine barely touched except for my barn and to see neighbors homes flattened from winds. I am quite surprised we do not have more victims of those hurricanes around here. I already had PTSD so this was not my cause, just not much help!
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