Sufferer Recently diagnosed with PTSD from physical abuse as a child-Looking for a support group online

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I'm 20, almost 21, and I recently got diagnosed with PTSD. It's something I've known I've had for awhile but I didn't seek help until recently when my behaviors to cope with it started becoming dangerous. I was drunk almost every day for a month, experimenting with drugs, sleeping 6-8 hours a week (due to both insomnia and nightmares), wandering bad parts of town at night looking for fights, etc. I now have a psychiatrist and regular therapy sessions but I still don't feel like I'm getting much better (though I've mostly stopped the self destructive behaviors). I went to a PTSD workshop online and realized that I'd really benefit from talking to others with PTSD and learning some better coping skills. If anyone knows of any online (can't afford to leave my house right now because of COVID) support groups that deal with PTSD or child abuse, please let me know.


I feel this is what this forum is, or is at least for me. Hope you read around the forum to see what topics and threads might resonate with you. There are many articles that informative and helpful also.

I have been here for many years as have many others. I get the help I need by coming here. Welcome.


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Welcome to the forum. I'm new myself here, and I've found that reading the accounts of others that have had PTSD has been a real changer for me. While this may not be beneficial for everyone, I've found myself viewing my diagnosis a bit differently. It feels less weighing and all-destroying. I hope you are able to find a place here (or wherever) that works well for you. Good luck on your journey!