Recharging Energy - Affects of Poor Sleep from PTSD

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Does anyone else find that they still feel knackered in the morning, even if they've had a few hours sleep? I feel exhausted after going out last night -only a couple of hours shopping - slept quite a lot for me, and don't remember any nightmares, but I don't feel at all refreshed and recharged. Brain-wise, I am clear-headed, but physically I have no energy. What's that all about?
I used too, but not so much now. Basically, its an affect of sleep depravation that we normally obtain as our brain is going flatout, even when we sleep. As you learn to control other symptoms and you generally get a grasp on controlling PTSD itself, your sleep automatically improves along with it, thus you actually do get the full cycle of sleep your supposed to get.

Basically, you have to hit the trauma head on first, accept it and control it, then sleep gets better naturally, hence you wakeup feeling how many without PTSD do.
So -I can expect to one day get a restful sleep - just not anytime soon! If I do ever get this under control I'll probably sleep for 5 years!
LOL... its not that bad. I really had to gauge carefully what I was doing with sleep after I hit, and recovered from heavy self trauma therapy with myself, in that I have always been a night owl as such, never much of a morning person, thus I have never tried to change that original way my body works, just simply got back too it for better understanding. I have never been a big sleeper as such, but don't mind one day every now and then to just sleep an extra few hours or more, but my body normally tells me that nowadays, so I don't argue with it, just do as it needs.

What your going through now Piglet, is merely the consequences of uncontrolled PTSD, which we all go through, and some continue to go through it if they choose to not face their trauma and remain in denial for all eternity (I have a couple of friends exactly like this at present). Once your ready to really get stuck into yourself, I am telling you now, at that point, things will get worse... much worse, but then suddenly over the following months all your symptoms will lower, and I guess your mind and body have learnt that the trauma you have lived with for years, is no longer so bad anymore, thus it tends to wind itself down and allow you to take easier control, at which point its just a lot of fine tuning to yourself for final shaping and moulding, to the way you want and choose to be.

PTSD is kinda like a merry-go-round initially, that it comes more than it goes, you generally need to be medicated which is just a bandaid for all your symptoms, then as you begin to learn and find the right techniques that suite yourself, you take control and begin getting much better.

I would say that because your working in a constant stressful situation, it is going to take you a lot longer to get yourself better, or it will force you to get yourself better, or you will just breakdown and discover you can no longer work until you fix yourself. One of those three is the usual scenario.

It really does get better over the years with lots of knowledge, solid application of that knowledge and technique/s, and ensuring you face each and every trauma head on, fight them and win... never lay down and let them win... which is usually the situation at first, ie. you now! Thats just the way PTSD works really, because if we knew we had it with warning, then we could prepare ourselves before we had these tough times... Hmmmm, that would be nice... prior warning of PTSD...
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