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Recommended Virtual Trauma Therapist?

Can anyone recommend a good (virtual) PTSD / Trauma therapist?

I'm seeing a lot of posts about therapists that make unnecessary blunders, don't listen, or generally aren't the right fit. I'm in this situation myself. I learned (from a different post of mine) that I need to leave my current PTSD treatment center and find a new one (or therapist) asap.

Unfortunately I'm in a country where there aren't many options. Even this treatment required being on the waitlist for 1 year.
My symptoms are seriously worsened and I'm desperate for some hope of getting better.

If anyone can point to a virtual trauma / PTSD therapist who they've had success with, I would really appreciate it.
I'm also at a point of desperation where, if necessary, I'm ready to pay a out of pocket.

P.S. apologies if this information is already somewhere on this website. I couldn't find it.
The issue that you're going to have is that therapists, as far as I'm aware, cannot be certified across international borders (unless there's a reciprocal agreement for the EU or other places that I don't know about). Therefore it's going to be unethical for any sort of therapist outside of your country to treat you.

I recommend working with someone in your country anyway for now and trying to be a strong advocate for yourself. I'm sorry you're having such a difficult time finding someone good.

Are there any universities in your country that have therapy programs? If so, you could try to reach out to them.
What country are you in?

as maybe people can share places they found therapy. i won’t share my therapist’s details because it’s confidential to me, but I would share the sites where I found her listing. Which are: bacp and psychology today. In the UK.


I'm in the UK with the same problem. I've spoken to maybe 8 trauma therapists but none seem to be the right fit and some of them do not use EMDR or somatic work which I think are so important for cPTSD. I found them on the BACP and Psychology Today pages...I'm still looking for a good fit :/ This may not be suitable for everyone, but I tried a session of Virtual EMDR, which is self-administered online ie no therapist, but helpful preliminary exercises to guide you. I did a free 3-day trial. I found it worked for me, and am really considering signing up- I try not to sign up to things online, but this may be the exception. I hope you find the right therapist.