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Jennifer Castañeda

Hello all-

My name is Jennifer Castañeda and I am a doctoral student at The University of Texas at El Paso. I am currently pursuing a doctoral degree in health psychology and would like to use my research to advocate for those who have experienced or are at risk of experiencing trauma. Please see a description of the study I am conducting below. I thank you for your time.

The study will consist of a focus group for people over the age of 18 who identify themselves as trauma survivors and who are interested in sharing their experiences with health care services. Each focus group will have a limit of six participants. The group will specifically focus on the extent to which medical settings (e.g., emergency department, general practice, private/public hospitals, urgent care) recognize the impact of trauma and presence of trauma symptoms to provide quality care to trauma survivors. The focus group will not focus on personal accounts of trauma to protect other group participants from emotional and physical distress.

We aim to foster a safe environment for participants to discuss how the following components relate to their experiences during health care visits
  • Physical and emotional safety
  • Transparency and predictability of medical tasks and procedures
  • Patient choice and control during visit
  • Cultural, historical and gender recognition
  • Support from other trauma survivors
  • Collaboration, mutuality, and shared decision making between patients and providers
The group will meet one single time for 60 minutes via a video call through Zoom and participants will be compensated with a $25 Starbucks gift card for their one-time participation.

Disclaimer: This focus group is for research purposes and does not constitute therapy or mental health treatment. The focus group will help inform medical settings of their critical role in supporting the recovery of patients with a history of trauma to establish long-term engagement in services and patient satisfaction.

If you’re interested in participating, please follow the following link to proceed with screening to determine study eligibility, read more study information, and to read consent form.

Thank you for your interest.

Kind Regards,