Recurring Nightmare I had for a few years


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I was always really scared of wasps, bees and hornets as a kid, even though (or probably because) I've never been stung before. Since I've been going out a lot more this year, because of lockdown of all things, I've just become used to the things buzzing past my ear without me ducking and running. The problem was bees are fast and have stingers, so I could neither run from them nor hit them.
Now I just ignore them and they buzz on happily.

Now I'm remembering weird and specific nightmares/phobias I had when I was little that didn't seem strange at the time, one I remember clearly was turning over in the bed and seeing a man sized bumble bee staring at me, with great big eyes and mandibles and fur and twitching as it's front legs moved about me. Another is the knowledge that they were outside my room's door, and I couldn't go about the house and was essensially trapped in my man sizes wasps or bees. There were more but I can't remember them all clearly, just the general theme. For a long time I couldn't sleep on my front without 'feeling' one of them above me putting the stinger in my anus or something, I always rolled over, was certain human sized wasps weren't real and tried to ignore the presence.

EDIT: I should mention I was a teenager at this time. But I'm starting to connect the dots to certain incidents and how an 11-12 year old might have interpreted someone in an instance where I was unable to run from them nor hit them. Is that possible? That instead of thinking over a problem I can't go back in time to avoid, my brain, on its own, takes another phobia I had at the time and all the fears and nightmares are stapled onto that?
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My sister is allergic to bee stings. Until I was 50, I'd never been stung. The day finally came when I got stung. I was walking to a Dr's appointment, so when I got there, they made me stay for an hour or so, to be sure I wasn't allergic. I'm not.

I remembered what my sister had been through and was panicked for some time after being bit, but thankfully never had nightmares about this.

I feel bad for you, that you have experienced all this. I hope you are not still having nightmares about this now?


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The nightmares stopped about the time I left Secondary school, so did the feelings of "something" being in my room at night.

I've just remembered, I remember when I was little, could have been 4 or 14 who knows, we were out on holiday with family friends, a wasp went through their car window and I saw their scared their girls jumped out the vehicle to get away from the wasp (as a kid might do). So when the wasp came in through our car window and me and my siblings freaked out, we were screamed at for making too much noise, but our doors were always locked and we couldn't get out, just got screamed at for being trapped in a car with a buzzing insect that caused out friends to buck and run. Seeing dogs and horses over time seeing their own friends freak out, and my behaviour as a child makes more sense, no idea why we got in trouble for it.

That being said, I've never known anyone allergic to insect stings, that can't be fun but at least you'd be justified in ducking and running from a bumblebee.

Might have been better if I'd been stung early and realised that, for me, it wasn't that bad lol