Recurring Paranoia

I have been doing better with recovery- have not attempted in nearly two years, I still self harm but not nearly as often. I’ve done EMDR, DBT, CBT therapies to help process these emotions and to minimize flashbacks.

A while ago (about a year and a half now) he was released from prison way too early and has since been out.

Latley, I have been obsessed with knowing what he is doing, where does he work, what is he like now, is he still angry or resentful- due to the case I do know he lives about an hour away but it does little to ease my mind about him. He used to be so unpredictable and had a one track mind- I can’t get it out of my head that I’m still in danger even though he has been out this long and hasn’t done anything. What if he’s just learning my current life? Plotting to ruin everything again? I’ve worked so damn hard to get here, I’m terrified he will be back.

Has anyone else experienced this? What did you do, what do I do? It’s driving me insane


Sorry. I do not know how to help. But wanted to say that I have experienced recurring paranoia. We are challenging the thoughts and it's taking a while intherapy but I already see improvement. CBT works for me.