regression safety

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Hello! i was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to feel safe while age regressed. I have been troble feeling safe while regressed recently


How would you care for a small child? What would make them feel safe?

I would think about the 5 senses - maybe make a grounding box. Nice blanket, soft toy, bubble bath, an essential oil to smell, a favourite song to listen to or a cute animal video to watch?

Someone safe to reach out to and message? A voice message to listen to?


I will sometimes hold, cuddle a pillow or stuffed animal as if it were that child. I'll ask her if she wants to tell me anything or send me some images (that's if I'm feeling pretty grounded.)

But using the 5 senses is good: stomping my feet (while thinking or saying "No")

swaddling in a blanket
My therapist told me that triggering a response from the vagus nerve by having something in your mouth to suck on can be very calming. Pacifiers are good for that if you're regressed enough, or hard candy if that's not your thing.

Deep proprioception, or weight, over your core can be calming too; it triggers the parasympathetic nervous system, the "rest and digest" system, that keeps you calm. Wrapping up in a weighted blanket or lying under a pile of pillows can create that effect.
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