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Long Distance Relantionship

I'll tell my story a little:

At the beginning of the pandemic I met a wonderful girl, who was doing tourism in my country. We spent a few magical days and after going to her country we began to establish a relationship. But with the lockdowns and the border controls I didnt have possibilities to go to her country from her.

The relationship has gone very well, although it has had its bad moments. She had to work from home and isolate herself for a while due to the current situation. This plus various things that have happened in her life these months made her return to therapy even though she was taking her medications (I think the relationship also influenced). She she have PTSD and Dissociation.

I know I will not fix her im not a therapist, Im here just going to support her.

My doubts are the following:

Before we watched series together, now she doesn't want to because she tells me that this causes her dissociation.

She comes out and doesn't give me details about what she did and if she asked her she gets upset

I feel like her emotions are like a roller coaster lately

She constantly asks me to give her space.

She tells me that I am the best thing that she has ever experienced in her life. But sometimes I feel like she is talking to someone else. She gets easily upset with me

Before, she expressed her feelings to me no longer. I feel like she talks to me out of obligation, but if I try to talk about ending the relationship she doesn't want to, and honestly I don't want to either, but I have asked her.

And I know that this Christmas date has been difficult

I would like opinions if this is related to PTSD. Also how a long distance relationship could affect her and she said to me a few times she is missing the intimacy.


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Why do you need to know the details of what she did when she goes out?
Before she was really open about it. She talks about her friends what she ate, she share those things. Now I feel that she no longer makes me part of her things. Before she talk me when she have therapy now that either.