Remember To Thank Someone Today and Every Day


I know we all have our demons we fight day and night but, especially now as the world is turned upside down, we should make it a point to say thank you. As we sit on the sidelines of the unknown it’s easy to get sucked into the rabbit-hole of our thoughts and forget the little things. So I will start by saying thank you to all of you for being a sounding board for everyone to get a safe opinion from someone that has been there.

Tornadic Thoughts

Yes! Thank you, @Rainman8772 . The attitude of gratitude is pretty much what keeps me going each day.

For what it's worth, I have a painful/traumatic/bitter history of all god-related stuff, so I switched the meaning of "god" in my life to mean grateful observation daily.

I thank my body, my breath, my organs, my fascia, my blood, my skin, my mobility, my senses, everything I consume for healthily nurturing and hydrating me, all of nature, the plants that grow, the seeds that sprout, etc., etc. each morning I wake and each night as I drift off to sleep.

I also make time to call employees/managers of establishments I visit to make them aware of the kind and outstanding service I received while visiting rather than just calling to complain about something - and do the same on surveys, online reviews, etc. - as well as thanking them in person in the moment.

I thank people for simply existing and crossing my path at the time it happens, even if it's for a lesson learned of what not to do. I sometimes get looked at quite strangely at first, but then they warm up to the sentiment and appreciate it for what it is.

I also apologize to animals, especially livestock, on behalf of the human race and thank them for the sacrifices they make and the pain they endure in light of our ongoing mindlessness.

I thank the water for nourishing and supporting all life and, again, apologize to it on behalf of the human race for recklessly and regularly polluting and misusing it so badly.

So many things to be grateful for within every second of every day, even amid the pain and f*ckery that happens to us and around us.

I admit it took me a while to arrive in the heart space of being able to see, recognize, and feel it so strongly, then getting comfortable enough to so openly share it. I hope I never lose sight of it again.