Research Repeated patters from childhood and adult sexual assault.


This is a really interesting thread. My brains a little struggling, but, I really do grasp, I think, the core principles, of what you are putting forward here @RCReal. I think it applies to me. I, clearly, inherited "trauma genes" from my parents and they their parents, of the complex kind.

My partner is helping me transcend the social-emotional-disorder part, well, we are helping each other. And, we were both into personal development, individually, for the better part of our lives before we met each other, so, that's made a significant difference.

I have Bruce Lipton's book 'The biology of belief" , ok, I've not read it yet but, I have read a lot of stuff and I do concur that you've something in your line of study.

I've radically changed a lot of what I was raised to believe, and the paradigm I was operating under definitely had a huge impact in the kinds of experiences, re enacting types of situations and experiences I kept having.

I'm definitely not out of the woods yet, I've still a long way to go, but, I see the fruits of my changes and growth in my children, especially my oldest daughter who is expecting in a few months.