Reporting historic sibling abuse


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I don’t know what to do. My brother has told the police that he abused teenage boys but none of them will go to the police. He mildly sexually abused me several times. I know he will abuse more boys and don’t know if I should report him to the police to make sure he stops abusing.


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The abuse was touching but not inside of me. It feels like a betrayal but I’m frightened if I don’t do something then my brother will get away and think he can carry on.


Sorry that happened to you.

How do you know your brother reported himself to the police?
Is he able to explain why he didn't report himself to the police for what he did to you?

Your brother can stop his behaviour. It's his responsibility to stop. He can do that, whether you go to the police or not.

What's making you want to report and what's making you not want to?
It's such a personal choice. And you have to do what is right for you. Not anyone else.

(And I'm not sure ..but I think the police can still prosecute without a 'victim' on things like this. "victimless prosecutions". When the victim is unknown or unwilling)


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The other victims are currently not reporting to the police so although we know what’s happened to the other children they won’t report him. So at present it would just be me. I feel I should as he just does not seem to understand what he’s done. He disclosed illegal porn when at hospital and so the police became involved. The police know about the other victims but unless they will report it the police can take no action. I love my brother but he also needs to stop. He is getting loads of help but I just feel I need to do something. It’s tearing me apart. I think I know what I will do and need to do but it’s getting there that’s hard.


At worst… you’re backing his play. He came forward & you’re authenticating.

I love my brother but he also needs to stop. He is getting loads of help but I just feel I need to do something. It’s tearing me apart.
At best? You can stop tearing yourself apart, and can focus on yourself, instead. Himself as sorted -and someone else’s responsibility- as possible.


@NearlyOver - i understand this is tough and i speak from experience - im in the UK, it was sibling sexual abuse - i reported it, went through the police interviews/ video interview, CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) , witness statements were taken etc etc - it was just under a 2 year process . The decision made by the CPS was to not prosecute - even though there were 2 independent victims - my abuser moved abroad about 22 years ago - this alongside other criteria played part of the CPS decision. It was extremely difficult and thankfully i had a lot of support inc an amazing therapist. When i decided to report to the police I contacted Victim Support - they were amazing and extremely supportive , providing a case worker to me who liaised with the police, the CPS for me when it was becoming overwhelming . I would suggest you speak to them as a starting point. They know the processes, the legal system etc.
All the best