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Reproductive coercion and female abuser


New Here
Hi all,
Gay man here,
I had a friend some time ago that would be very coercive and manipulative.
We ended up having a sexual thing a couple of times, after which I decided to cut it as she was very manipulative and weird.

She would use all my trauma against me, using it to belittle me and treat me like shit.
It was very traumatic.
She wouldn’t leave my house when I asked, she would always use fear to manipulate me.

Once I cut all contact, she notified my friends that she was pregnant.
I notified her family asking for help and no one helped.
I told everyone about the way this person made me feel, no one helped.
She would use this pregnancy to terrorise me and one day I crumbles under the pressure of the abuse and reacted-
The police thankfully intervened and they thought I was the abuser.

Anyways, needless to say, case closed and I was forced to stay around this person as she would threaten me constantly.

One day I thought I was going to kill my self.
This was just too much.
How could I have ever decided to mingle with someone so dark and twisted.
This person would always come into my house uninvited, would always belittle me, she even touched me inappropriately as I shook and cried.

This person eventually showed her true colors to the world and committed an assault on me, broke into my home again, left blood on the door.
It was scary and crazy.

My flatmates saw everything, we decided not to press charges and just ignored this person completely.
This person kept sending me messages of a threatening nature and I really do not know how I survived this.

It’s been 2-3 years now and I do not know how to live anymore.
My brain has been shaped by fear and I am desperate to get back to my life.

@Lore, I'm truly sorry to hear about the traumatic experiences you've been through with this person. It sounds like you've been through a lot and are carrying the weight of it all on your shoulders. It's important to recognize the impact these experiences have had on your well-being and overall mental health.

Given the level of distress you're feeling, have you ever considered seeking support or therapy to help you process and heal from these traumatic events? Talking to a mental health professional can provide you with the tools and coping strategies to navigate through these difficult emotions and work towards reclaiming your life and sense of safety.

I'm here to offer support and guidance as you navigate through this challenging time. What are some ways you've tried to cope with these traumatic experiences in the past?
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