Requested Permission to Work from Home


I've been at this job since August, and I don't hate it, which is a pretty strong and positive statement from me when it comes to work. The only thing I really can't tolerate is working onsite; it takes me an hour or two to get there (and back), and my anxiety level is off the charts when I have to leave my house all day. We've been doing hybrid work since I started, and for two months around the holidays, work was all from home. This past week we started back again 3 days a week, and I cry from morning to night.

I've been thinking of asking for a more flexible schedule - I want to work fewer days onsite, but this place is very invested in having everybody onsite. Anyway, I *finally* sent an email to the director, and found out yesterday that my request has been approved! The only thing I need to do is talk to my manager to see what days she wants me in; it won't be a problem, since she hates working onsite, too.

I'll go in occasionally, which is fine. I just don't have to go in the currently required 3 days a week. This was sooo hard for me.