Research Research Study Part 2! What are your needs as a family member or romantic partner of someone with PTSD?

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Are you a family member or partner of an adult with PTSD? If yes, please keep reading to learn about an opportunity to participate in an online research study to understand your needs and experiences.

Hi everyone! I am a graduate student at Bowling Green State University working on part 2 of my dissertation which seeks to explore the utility of a new survey measure which was created to measure and understand the service and support needs of family members (such as spouses, partners, parents, etc.) of people with PTSD. You may have seen a post from me before when I conducted part 1 of this study. Part 2 of this study has been approved by the Institutional Review Board at Bowling Green State University. Below, you will see a link to participate in the study.

If you decide to participate, you will first view and respond to a consent form. Then you will answer some questions to assess for your eligibility. Please do not attempt to take the survey again if you do not meet eligibility criteria. Responses gathered from people who do not meet eligibility criteria compromise the meaningfulness of the research.

If you are eligible to continue, you will be asked to answer some more questions about your demographics, your family members’ demographics, and other survey measures about your experiences.

A few important things to know about the study and eligibility are:
  • All information is anonymous and will be kept confidential. The only identifiable information that we ask for is related to your email address to enter you in the raffle or a brief follow up study. Read the directions at the end of the survey carefully so that you enter your email address in a new survey link that is provided to you. This is completely optional. This process helps us store your email addresses in a dataset that is not associated with your survey responses.
  • At this time, this study will only include adult family members/partners who identify as providing some degree of support or care to an adult (18+) with PTSD in the United States.
  • You will not be able to be entered in the raffle if you do not finish the survey or if your responses indicate a lack of attention.
  • Time spent taking this survey may vary. The survey may take approximately 30 minutes. The time may take longer if your responses to open-ended questions take more time. We recommend taking the survey when you have at least 20-30 minutes to think about your responses.
Thank you for considering taking this survey! Your time and effort is greatly appreciated! Please click the link if you would like to participate:

Research Target Group: Family members (partners, spouses, parents, etc.) of individuals with PTSD
Compensation: You will be entered in a raffle to receive one of six $25 gift cards to your choice of locations (Amazon or Walmart) for participating in this study.
Link to survey:
Contact: You can contact us through our [email protected] email address if you have any questions. I know that admins typically discourage members from making email contact so I will continue to monitor this post in case anyone includes their questions here!
Hi all! (Admins please delete if not allowed.) I'm just replying to my own thread to let people know that this survey is still open and looking for participants. I am happy to answer any questions that people have!
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