Study Researchers accurately identify people with PTSD through text data alone


Researchers have trained a machine learning model to identify people with post-traumatic stress disorder with 80 per cent accuracy by analyzing text data. The model could one day serve as an accessible and inexpensive screening tool to support health professionals in detecting and diagnosing PTSD or other mental health disorders through telehealth platforms.

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Wow. It's amazing when stuff like this comes along. But I can see it working. When new people show up here its easy to pick out the for real people with PTSD just by reading their posts.

Even more amazing when its happening "in your backyard".

Agita Kaput

Policy Enforcement
easy to pick out the
for real people

with PTSD
I just had that ~real?~ bell go off here for the first time.

I think its a fastinating topic for many reasons. I could talk about it all day. But here's what I just noticed...

My think MY antenna are tuned to detect a positive ID of general BS right away.

For me to detect a negative ID of PTSD would not be easy right away for me

Do you detect non "real" person
A non PTSD person?