Respect Chat Or Lose It, Individually, Part 3

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It seems the time has come around again for one of these reminders about what the chat room is, and what it is not.

Imagine chat just as if it were a real room. Any member on the site is welcome to come into that room and pull up a chair, join the conversation.

Chat works best as a distraction - a place to have some real-ish time human contact, talk about stuff that helps take your mind off of whatever might be causing you stress at the moment.

Sometimes, members are looking for support in the chat room.

If you want support? Go ahead and ask for it - but you don't get to dictate what that support looks like. People might suggest you join in their distraction. They might be in a good headspace to listen. It's the chat room - it's unpredictable.

If you aren't getting what you are looking for, think about starting a thread. Think about PM-ing a member and seeing if you make a new friend. Think about going for a walk around the block. You are responsible for you.

That goes for how you respond to content and topic as well. We do not have trigger warnings on this site for a very important reason: anything could be triggering to anybody. If the topic in chat is upsetting to you, it's not up to the room to accommodate you; it's up to you to either take it as a moment to stay present and do a little exposure therapy - or, walk away.

Your triggers - and subsequent behavior - are not someone else's fault. It's PTSD, symptoms are things we all deal with.

Take responsibility for regulating yourself. When you do that, you will treat others with respect. When you decide that others are not owed your respect, you become a problem for the site, and you will be removed.

Don't break the site rules. Our rules are simple: community constitution

Don't break the chat rules. Where are the chat rules?
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I'm going to leave this thread open for a bit, if there are questions or comments.

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Lauren Taylor

Policy Enforcement
These are my feelings. I'm staying away from chat because it's has become to much. It's too many emotions involved with variety of experiences into one room unable to determine how someone is going to interpret it. So many times I have sat in chat while others are unaware me in the room because I dissociate easy. I lose attention focus and I use the red alerts to respond back. There were accounts made in the past where people would come into the chat room asking about certain things such as "the t word" only looking to bash or be nosey. These accounts has been banned. Everybody has different situations, different point of views with different responses. When a mistake has been made in the chat, and corrected events still take place. It's variety here and all of us are in different time zones.
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