Other Rock music is a trigger for me now???


I dont really understand this. Maybe because it’s me getting older and my tastes are changing but I’ve noticed that rock music really triggers me. I get very depressed if I listen to rock music especially if it’s hard metal/ death metal.
If the lyrics are not so happy which most rock I feel isn’t then I get depressed. I had to deleted a lot of my death metal workout songs bc it triggered me.

Now I have more alternative rock on my playlist but even that is not helping me and makes me feel anger and sadness. Especially if the lyrics have it.

I had EMDR a couple months ago and I never closed the target that shit was ROUGH, I was having active SI and just was reeling. I was freaking out with my therapist and I came to the conclusion EMDR isn’t for me. It took me a month or so to get over the hopelessness depression feeling and then I realized I can’t listen to certain music and this is one of it!!!

😬 just a weird ass trigger.


it's not such a weird ass trigger in my psycho book. to my senses, music of any classification exists TO trigger emotions. the question is, "which emotions do i wish to trigger?" when i am anger channeling, bring on nirvana or vivaldi. when i wish to trigger contentment, bring on the alternative rock or bach. personally, when i am recovering from a string of rough therapy sessions but am too mentally handicapped to put together my own playlists, i like the christian rock stations. they are reliably peaceful and positive.

in my personal aging shifts, i find myself steering away from recorded music, altogether. i seem to be craving less listening and more singing from my own heart. i don't much care if anybody's listening and/or enjoying my singing, or not. i'm just connecting to the rhythms and tones of life. . .


Music in general is a new-ish trigger for me, especially unfamiliar music. It might be linked to an experience in surgery but I’ve never worked on it. It can initiate a meltdown almost immediately so I avoid it now.

i love classic rock and saw all the greats live back in the day, and just speaking musically, death metal has always struck me as intentionally abrasive and intentionally activating. I would not be surprised that someone might move away from that as they get older. The scream factor might be speaking to parts of your nervous system in a different way, now, or to different parts that have changed since you began therapy?

Jeff Beck is a god, btw :-D