Rollercoaster of insights


What's "gedateerd" mean?

I'm sorry, when you said new insights I thought you meant "positive constructive" things like how to move forward in life. I didn't understand the context.


It's part of how EMDR works. Stuff just floats to the surface and you get to deal with it. Somewhere along the way, you will realize that it all floated to the surface at the right time for you to deal with it.

What am I to do with new knowledge that my father and gedateerd were part or sustained a pedophile network?
It's really the same basic struggle most people with PTSD have with how their trauma was purposeful. How could people do that so purposefully.


i'm another who jounals about those insight floods so that i can review and process them at a more casual pace. insights/breakthroughs do seem to happen at a whelming pace and knowing i have the option of later review takes the pressure off understanding them at such a frantic pace.
Early on in my recovery I was having insights at a furious pace. I couldn't get my brain to stop. I wrote everything down and took my list to my therapist. There were over 50 things on the list, but we got through them all. Sharing all of that with someone I trusted helped a lot, and eventually my mind slowed itself down.