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Rollover Accident Survivors?

Discussion in 'Vehicle Accidents' started by AliCrash24, Jan 17, 2017.

  1. AliCrash24

    AliCrash24 New Member

    I've survived two rollover accidents, both of which happened within a year of each other. The first accident happened after a heavy rainfall and I went around a corner, and the second happened when I was driving down a narrow road and had to swerve out of the way of another car coming straight toward me. Both accidents left me with only bruises and severe concussions, and later I was diagnosed with PTSD. I've never met anyone else that has survived a rollover car accident. Is there anyone else here that's been in a similar kind of accident?
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  3. Muted

    Muted I'm a VIP

    Yes, I was in one many years ago.
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  4. FauxLiz

    FauxLiz Well-Known Member Premium Member Sponsor $100+

    @AliCrash24 I have had the misfortune or good fortune depending upon how you look at it to have survived 4 rollover accidents. The first was in a vehicle that my older sister was driving, she was going way to fast and she hit a bad patch of gravel and we flipped and end back on our axle.
    The second was when I was 12 and learning to drive. I was on a gravel road and made the mistake of reaching for the radio, as my right hand turned the volume my left turned the steering wheel into the ditch and we rolled over on the top to end on the drivers side.
    The third time I was 17, drunk and it should have killed me, I rolled my car end over end twice, I walked away mostly uninjured. The last time I was in my 20's I hit a patch of black ice and I rolled into the ditch, walked away uninjured.
    Unfortunately, I have been in far too many accidents in my life. Either as passenger or driver I have been in at least 6 accidents in addition to the 4 rollovers.
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  5. Punky143

    Punky143 Well-Known Member

    Last Fri I was in a rollover and walked away unharmed. But why?
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  6. brokenEMT

    brokenEMT Well-Known Member

    Yup I was in one. I was able to walk away literally without a scratch.
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  7. Yoogie

    Yoogie Guest

    4 weeks ago i was in a roll over car crash. My skull was crushed the car was destroyed beyond recognition. I actually died in OR for just over 2 and half minutes my heart was stopped.
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  8. Sunny Palmer

    Sunny Palmer Guest

    Yes, I recently was in a
    slow rollover when hit by another car. No scratches, just one bruise on top of head, but in a week after accident the musculoskeletal and mental issues began.
    Now, I finally got in to see psychiatrist and do have PTSD.....says I am still suffering the results of becoming conscioius during the roll and reaching for something, thinking I was dying then going back unconscious. The new sleep meds (also a blood pressure med) has helped me not have nightmares anymore and I already am not so nervous with the anti depressants and anxiety meds. Thank You, Christ,s for creating people who can be doctors and for the scientists who can create the meds, and that they help us when we are hurting and do not know how to live any more.
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  9. rdb1975

    rdb1975 Guest

    I surrvived a roll over. Driving in the car with a friend on.the highway. She hit a sudden patch of traffic during rush hour. I was texting she was driving looked up..screamed..saw brake lights..felt the care spin..then flip 3 three times ..then slide across the high way. Some how crushed two fingers detroyed the joints blood vessels in one. I lost my 5th digit and part of my 3rd finger. I have limited range of motion in my hard...nerve pain...intoletance to cold..hypersensitivity. I know its a miralce thats all that happen. But psychologically im fried..i totally avoid my girlfriends i just have no stomach to see or really talk. I feel like im pushing them away..i can focus at work..irritable. So im sure i have ptsd and can no longer avoid going to therapy.
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  10. john lincoln

    john lincoln Guest

    my friend rolled his car going 110, spun sideways hit the curb and rolled 3 times on the 3 lane highway landing on the roof. i was in the passenger seat trying to get out soon realizing we’re in the middle of a dark highway with cars approaching at 60+. doors flew open when the car rolled so getting out wasn’t to difficult but the entire roof had caved.. that happened tonight about 2 hours ago still kinda in shock. I denied medical help but feeling serious pain in my shoulder where the roof caved on me. was going to wait till tomorrow to see how bad it actually is. firefighters said it was a miracle we walked away.. the pictures are crazy, any insight would help, thanks.
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  11. Rain

    Rain To have hope is a choice Banned Premium Member Generous $250+

    I have twice both in VW bugs....once when I was three years old and my mom was driving and the next thing I knew my brother and I were tossed about as the car went over the side and rolled down a mountain. He was unharmed, both of my parents were thrown out of the car and I had to have stitches on the top of my head and I felt it and it was scary.

    Later on when I was nineteen years old, my stupid boyfriend was zipping from side to side of the road and I was begging him to stop and the car went into some gravel on the side of the road and we rolled over twice and ended up in a field car right side up and a bottle had hit me on the head.

    I already had PTSD from my abusive family growing up as a child. As a result I now experience anxiety while driving because I always think that I am going to get into a accident being hit by a reckless driver.

    Both times I walked away with no broken bones.

    In the first accident my abusive father did not have a scratch but the car had rolled over my abusive mother and broken her back and ribs.

    I thought in the second accident that this is what it feels like to die because everything was in slow motion and I always have wondered how I could escape both of the accidents. It is a strange mystery to me that is for sure.
  12. Bflats

    Bflats Guest

    I survived a rollover accident.Another driver ran a stop sign and hit my truck causing me to slide sideways and then rollover.Four months later I can still hear all the sounds and experience the accident just like the minute it happened. I wish I had a dollar for every time someone said that I was so lucky. Fractured ribs and PTSD is not my idea of luck.Glad to be alive but could really have done without the free daily video of the crash playing in my head

    Sounds like me
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