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Round of Applause

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Who here doesn't think Anthony and Kerrie-Ann don't deserve a round of applause.

I think we should thank them and give an example of how the've helped us.

I'll go first.

I just wanted to sincerly thank you so much. Even though I seem to be well on the road to normalicy, you've opened to me a door we all yern for. I can't explain how great it feels to know SOMEONE is there to listen.
It must have been so hard when you started this site and no one responded right away. I want you to know that we're here for you to.

I'll second that, and add a "we are not worthy" bow. This place is making a huge positive difference for many lives. It is inspired.

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
This has been my link to people who actually understand...
instead of being met with pity or the "get-over-it" attitude,
this place provides advice and experiences that I can relate to.

I hear ya young and angry and I think they both need a big round of applause for having a site where we can find others who are suffering from the same illness and not feel like we are being judged because of our illness.
I can't even put into words what this forum has done for me...
it doesn't matter the quantity of posts...
...the quality easily makes up for it.
Thanks everyone... very much appreciated. You actually just got me teary eyed then shadow... thankyou very much. I'm actually stoked that the site has become the support mechanism I hoped it would. I was sick of the PTSD support sites that I found that really only catered for military. I have seen enough of military myself, and didn't want to be around all that sort of chat again, as it would continuously trigger me. This place does that at times, let alone things nearer to my PTSD.

I want this place to become the ultimate resource and support for everything PTSD related. I want to help as many people as possible learn to cope with PTSD, instead of taking their lives from desperation and neglect of the illness.
I hope it's OK, but I mentioned the forum to my counsellor...
Told her it was keeping me sane the last couple of weeks.

It'll help spread the word.
Yer, thats ok. I have had many counsellors tell me it is an exceptional idea to provide a place for us to get support from others who understand. They gave me the usual, commonsense warnings, don't provide professional advice in a sense when someone needs it... just keep it at general chat, hence why I do say to people, seek counselling or doctor support.

Thankyou... spread the word as far as possible I say. I think everyone with PTSD, spouse off, or family member could gain something useful from being here. I looked for it, found nothing, so he this place is!
Thankyou you all for your kind words. I have to give credit to Anthony for the idea of the forum and the implementation, I admit to being a little sceptical at first. Primarily based on my concern for his tendency to load himself up sometimes. I am proud to say that it has proved to be the opposite in fact and often seems to help him and others when it gets tough. I am glad that we have been able to help some of you and continue to do so. My hope is the same as Anthony's in that, I hope the forum continues to grow and become a greater source of information, help and support for those with PTSD, their friends and family. Thankyou again, I am quite humbled that two boofheads like us have been able to help others struggling with PTSD.
This site has done more than just help. It gave reason to an unreasonable affliction, it provided sanity when insane seemed like an easier option. The support and comments on this site shows us that we are not alone...one of the hardest parts that PTSD puts upon us..you guys deserve every praise given and then some. So I can give you a simple thank you from the bottom of my heart and mean so much more than that.
this place is a good place to talk and listen, listen to what others have to say and what has happened, to get advice and hopefully say something useful which will help others, it is good that it exists and hopefully will be a good place for people to come who need it.
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