Safety is nonexistent

Idk need to vent

Had to retire my service dog and suddenly life sucks again I want to drop out of school I can barely make it to any of my classes and the thought of people makes me want to vomit

I literally am sitting in class having a panic attack and flashbacks and I can't breathe and nothing has even happened. Ugh I feel like I'm gonna pass out again for the fucikign hundredth thousandth time in my life


the thought of people makes me want to vomit
Theres a lot of that going around. I can handle CPR on a broken face, I can handle holding insides in place while waiting for the helicopter, I have handled a lot of major grossness where humans are involved and the vomit reaction hasn't hit me, not at the time anyway. Afterwards, yes, but not that often.
Put me with an idiot bent on making other people avoid mutual destruction for them and my regurge starts to feel imminent. Actual Barking at the weeds? Not at the time, afterwards, but not often.
You are not alone. I think most of us here are pretty ashamed of what our species is capable of, and the thought of it happening here and now makes us look for trash cans and tissues (clear exits and foliage?) Lots and lots of us......don't feel like you are alone