Yes. I've used it for very good effect. I've told other's online about it too, and they've found it works.

One woman wanted a baby and wanted a safe alternative to anti-d's and it worked really well and she fell pregnant soon after AND had her depression under control.

It works for people who's depression is related to methalation issues. You can also just buy straight methionine powder or 5-htp or glutathione products that work similarly.

I recommend a book ~ Natural Highs; feel good all the time by Hyla Cass M.D. and Patrick Hilford for more in depth understanding of these hormone enhancing amino acid supplements.

I now use powder methionine as it's cheaper than buying SAMe caps that are really pricey and have added binder. This way I take a tiny amount of methionine that is a concentrate extracted from broccoli and it tastes like it too. It's working super well.