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Sars cov 2

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I recovered from my sars cov 2 diagnosis/ infection. So did my fiance. He got sick too. Off work for 2 weeks. I will not return to caregiving. We are focusing on the online second income and other issues. I am not responsible for the world but realize everything is interconnected. Sars cov 2 to some extent is being allowed to happen . I learned from my recovery from bacterial meningitis of my brain that I was more in control of my outcome than I thought. Suffering was an option. People blamed me for what happened to me even as my life got better. This is common. So these people left my life or experienced my boundary setting. What lessons is sars cov 2 teaching? We will never be the same.
@Klanala I'm very pleased you've both recovered from covid19 but I'm sorry you've had critical people around you dragging you down. If you found some discovery of your own capacity to cope, resilience & strength, courage to set positive boundaries for yourself then the experience has not been a complete loss. Well done you.
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