Sufferer Saying hello-- cPTSD from a diverse abuse history

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New Here
I found this forum listed in Pete Walker's book on cPTSD and been lurking here since. I found his book helpful, but have felt I would like to find a space where others can relate to some of what I'm going through. I think I've probably struggled with cPTSD most of my life, but was only diagnosed around three or four years ago. There was CSA, abuse, and neglect from a young age. Lots of repetition of those things into adulthood. I came out as a transgender woman two and half years ago. Between my struggles with gender and cPTSD, it's been hard for me to form relationships and even harder to keep them. I've bounced around therapists for the past few years. I want heal, but I know there's a lot of hard work ahead of me.

So... hi.


Welcome, @quasaria! Glad you decided to join this healing community. We need all the help and support we can get and you will find it here.

If you have been lurking for a while, you already see that there are as many topics as there are people. So everything is talked about and met with no judgement.

Glad you are here. This forum and the people here will make a difference in your healing journey. Hope to see you around.
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