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Scared People are Following Me

Discussion in 'General' started by starshine, Sep 1, 2006.

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  1. starshine

    starshine Active Member

    diagnosis frustration... *need support*

    Technically, medically speaking, I shouldn't be posting here. According to my medical records I don't have PTSD.

    But I DO have PTSD.... I needed to know that anxiety at least in some form is included in my official (medical) diagnosis as its the symptom most debilitating in my life, and especially work, where people need to know official things like that.

    Well, I spoke with my GP this morning.

    She was once again very non-specific. Gave me the whole depression-and-anxiety-connection talk. She said I can put depression and anxiety down.
    Apparantly the pdoc in his letter had just said depression.

    I feel very very very discouraged.

    If I hadn't grown in self control I'd be hurting myself now.

    I have all the PTSD (and Social Phobia and Agoraphobia) symptoms, except that, if you have to be specific, the causing traumas don't come under the DSM (or ICD10, I don't know if its exactly the same) list. Never mind the dissociation.

    However my therapist has agreed with me, in the recent past, that I do have PTSD, although she's not a massive fan of the whole label thing.

    But with the whole medical thing, its like my illness is not real, is just a random event and not due to a lifetime of distress.
    (*nearly dying while I was being born, and then no contact with my mother the first 3 weeks of my life.
    *emotional abuse and some physical by my father, who threatened many times to send me away, have me put in a strait jacket, when I had done nothing wrong.
    *witness domestic violence by my parents several times, and rows all the time at home.
    *being the target of severe bullying, exclusion and name calling by a gang of approx 20 girls every day for 10 years with no support from school staff or home.)


    I feel so despairing.
    Everyday I live with being constantly on edge, keeping a hold on my adult self so I don't let the dissociation/panic take over too much.....the feeling people are following me, the not being able to cope with strangers in the office, the feeling like I have no skin, the hyper-vigilance that looks like paranoia... the not being able to handle strangers looking at me or being anywhere near close....all that effects me......a lot....
    Am I the only one who cannot get her anxiety, never mind her PTSD, medically verified?
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  3. starshine

    starshine Active Member

    I am always scared that people are following me, like the bullies did.

    I am scared of men.

    I cannot bear people standing close to me in queues and suchlike. I have panic attacks, and this sometimes brings on rage and fear and despair when people's reactions re-traumatise me. I feel like a crazy outcast.
  4. Rachealjane

    Rachealjane New Member

    Hi starshine,
    I no how you feel - exactly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Before i moved to my new address, i was seeing my old GP for 5 years on a regular basis, and everytime he rushed me, he only confirmed that i suffered panic attacks, but was un-interested to what was causing them??? sound familiar??? then he sends me to the surgery's therapists that STILL dont get to the bottom of it??,

    I moved a long way and found a new doctor that within a months of taking time to listen to me, he gave me a diagnosis -PTSD!

    I really know how you feel because what you are experiencing is frustration that no one is listening OR believing?????

    Let me know more

    Racheal x
  5. purdyamos

    purdyamos Active Member

    Hi Starshine.

    I've done the nonsensical dance of diagnoses that no-one could quite agree with. Then three years ago I got landed with PTSD, it fit perfectly and I immediately started making progress according to that psychological paradigm. Now I've gone full circle and have had a psychiatrist who wants me to be manic depressive :crazy-eye so put me on a schizophrenic drug (of course.) :crazy:

    Another consultant is adamant it's PTSD but I rarely see him. I sometimes think psychiatry is a fraudulent pseudoscience. Its often arbitrary sub-divisions remind me of astrology. Each practitioner seems to have their own agendas and prejudices. The real difference is if they take your EXPERIENCE seriously. That's what's made you who you are, your reactions and symptoms and self-view etc. If they are not willing to engage with root causes then you will never find your way out.

    A bit polemical - you just hit a nerve. I saw a psychiatrist who is total 'pants' today! Aaaaarrgggghhhhh!
  6. carpediem2006

    carpediem2006 Active Member

    Labels for the mind

    Hi all

    There are loads of labels out there, and they change over time, as new ones become more accepted as the latest diagnosis...

    Nervous breakdown no longer exists officially to many yet was standard in the past. Some refer to PTSS and PTSD separately, others make no distinction between them. Many diagnoses have overlap in symptoms; depression, anxiety disorder, PTSD, OCD, concussion, brain trauma and can be occurring concurrently as a reaction to or in tandem with the others. In terms of the label depression I think we could best look at grief for an incorrect diagnosis. Grieving is a natural process, yet its symptoms would lead to a diagnosis of depression. We should take the labels for what they are and work around what we have to make the improvements we need to make. Regardless of the label, it is making the problem better, and leaving it behind that is the key to moving on and forward.

    There is no diagnosis that can be made under a microscope for these diagnoses, though one thing that stands out with PTS apart from the others is the flashbacks and nightmares which are associated directly to the event, reliving that event or events with the same people and/or situation.

    Without nightmares reliving aspects of the trauma with flashbacks ever having occurred, in my opinion it would more likely be diagnosed as anxiety related. Regardless, traumatic experiences need to be dealt with by us all, and if they form part of the problem they should be worked on.

    I am not a medical person, but for me that would be the defining factor between the two.
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