Sufferer Seeking Some Peace


New Here
I am new here. Just found this site yesterday while trying to seek out a sponsor. I’ve been working on complex PTSD/trauma for 10 years now. I became aware of this from a head trauma suffered during a car accident that sheared away the coping mechanisms that it always been in place Two decades worth of childhood trauma. I always had the memories but had them contained to the point they didn’t seem like “a big deal“. But a blow to the head ripped all of that away and I began to have flashbacks, memories, sleeplessness, hypervigilance, anxiety, and other grief stages. I work with a counselor regularly but the biggest thing I struggle with is not allowing abusive people to get a hook into my life; because I feel like I suffer with extreme loneliness and a lack of support system. So I’m here in this community for a hopefully safe support system that I can reach out to to prevent me from reaching out to the people that have caused me hurt and pain recently who are active alcoholics and narcissist themselves and not healthy for me whatsoever. Thanks for listening.