Sufferer Self diagnosed CPTSD survivor just recently seeking professional help


New Here
Nice to meet everyone! I have severe emotional childhood trauma that I have managed to pull myself out of by myself. I am extremely self insightful and have a long history of not confiding in ANYONE, but have recently started to come out to some of my closest relationships. I have sought therapy for the first time this past year and am still on the search for the right therapist who really understands me. Although I have healed by myself in so many ways, I still struggle with emotional flashbacks, triggers, and night terrors. Looking forward to learning from what everyone else's experience has been.


Welcome! Glad you reached out here. Hope you find the information and support you need here. A lot of first-hand support, articles, and references.

Hope you are looking for a trauma therapist. Right now with all that is happening in the world, all therapists are going to be in demand. Hope you had your name on the lists.

That's amazing that with all the healing you've done, you know it's time to add to that experience and knowledge.

Glad you are here.