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Self Emdr Or Self Hypnosis

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I've found quite a lot of CDs that use EMDR with bilateral simulation and self hypnosis and guided mediation Has anyone had experience in using this?
The only thing my therapist said I could do on my own was EFT or emotional freedom technique. It uses tapping, and there are specific affirmations you say to yourself at certain times. For example, you tap your head and say something like "I'm feeling anxiety in my chest". Then, you tap somewhere else and say "I accept the anxiety". There are YouTube videos that show the technique, but I would ask your therapist If EFT is right for you before you initiate it on your own. Most of the time, it's used in conjunction with regular EMDR in the office as a way to curb the aftereffects. Best wishes for safe hearing!
I had a problem with EFT on my own even. I recall my counselor suggesting that I do it on my own but somehow I knew I was a deep dark pit. I had several severe abreactions in the chair with my counselor even.

The thing is, this stuff lurks in the subconscious - and I had (obviously) NO idea what lurked in there and it was horrifying stuff. I know that now. I didn't know that then.

I just suggest you tread carefully...
I also suggest treading carefully. The first and only therapist I've had to suggest EMDR said if someone goes into hypnosis, they need to be carefully monitored because of the high risks. I didn't go through with it because I was scared of going to that part of my brain. She mentioned people are at risk of self harm, suicide, mental exhaustion, etc. since it forces your memories to come out.

I respect the idea of meditating and calming down, but be wary of the fine line. Be careful!
I tried some EMDR on my own by tapping on my knees. It was to reinforce the positive cognition "It is OK to cry now". It helped somewhat. However, it is different when I do it with my therapists. I don't know why. I guess she is well trained in it. I don't try to do any heavy stuff on my own but some lighter stuff or to strengthen a positive cognition that we've done in therapy. For example, I can strengthen my Safe place.
@nay.elizabeth I like EMDR. It is helping me a lot. It is hard but not unmanageable. I guess it depends on the patient. I am relatively stable to go with it and not self harming. It does bring up memories but that is my goal in therapy.
I have no doubt it can be very effective and helpful for many, many people. I'm too scared, personally. I fear there's more in my memory banks than I'm willing to discover.

I'm curious how self meditation works out for the original poster... That seems far safer than self-EMDR type therapies.
@nay.elizabeth I am the original poster :-) I've tried guided meditation and it helps somewhat to calm the mind. However, I want to work on the traumatic memories. I found that meditation is good but it does not resolve trauma.
I do emdr via you tube. It really helps with stress and felt like a backpack of rocks was lifted from my brain. I don't want the memories I don't remember and find emdr doesn't touch them. I don't see much difference but I feel lighter
@UniversalBeing oops! Sorry about that. I often read the post and fail to look at the actual poster's username. How embarrassing!

My (ex, short-term) therapist asked me to research EMDR before we'd begin and we were to get back together and discuss it. She freaked me out by describing it, what it is supposed to do, then she went into all the risks and I couldn't go back. I only saw her a few times before I ducked out.

She mentioned that not everyone who goes through hypnosis like this would have any negative effects but some are more at risk than others. I never took the time to see if I was at risk of suicidal thoughts or melt downs because I didn't want to risk it. I'd prefer to be naive and remember what I choose to remember.

I give A LOT of credit to those who can go through hypnosis or relaxing therapies. Some see it as easy-peasy, no big deal, therapeutic. For me, I just can't.
Pardon me if the answers are obvious but ever since you brought up hypnosis and now that my boyfriend is mentioning some hypnosis app he wants me to download and try, I have something to ask.

Is self-help hypnosis safe? You know..."it's okay to let go, it's okay to relax" kind of stuff? I have tried looking into it but not really getting any answers. The idea of a positive mindset sounds great, I desperately need it (especially lately). It would be fabulous to have some confidence in myself again.

I know nothing about hypnosis other than I know it can be beneficial for people depending upon their needs and goals.
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