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Self sabotage or trigger


I've always been told I self sabotage.

I've just come to realise i have childhood trauma. So I started thinking that what everyone calls sabotaging could it be actual triggers. Are they the same thing??? Do they go hand in hand???

What are your thoughts
So I started thinking that what everyone calls sabotaging could it be actual triggers. Are they the same thing???
For me, they’re wildly different.

My triggers are things like: grey carpet, the smell of meat pies, humid heat.

My versions of self-sabotage have been things like pursuing crazy destructive relationships, epic self harm, and distancing myself from good people.

Not even in the same ball park. And dealt with completely differently. I cannot ‘exposure’ my way out of self harm. I’d end up in a body bag. But it worked a treat for grey carpet.

Have you got a couple of specific patterns that you’re working through? Or have identified as particularly problematic?
Those who tell me I self sabotage don't know I have trauma. So i believe my reactions to triggers have been labelled self sabotage by these individuals. Because I didn't realise I had trauma since recently I believed what they said.
Having experienced trauma and having PTSD are different but often confused. That doesn't minimize the extent of trauma or the effects of it, but PTSD has quite specific symptoms.

So triggering PTSD symptoms is a different experience to emotional triggers that non PTSD sufferers might experience. PTSD triggers usually lead to intense re-experiencing of trauma as if it is happening in the present and reactions often associated with surviving trauma at the time/age that it happened.

Whereas emotional triggers without PTSD might bring up learned thought processes which might have emotions attached to them - the classic in self sabotage is being scared of failing or feeling like you don't deserve good things. Those thought processes can be connected with past trauma and therapy can be helpful to heal that. But they are different to having PTSD symptoms triggered.