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Sensing the Original Me

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Today I sensed the Original Me.

2 days ago had a EMDR session where I saw my father choking me when I was crying at 2-3 years old. Afterwards doing sexual things with my mother at 8 years old and then feeling hypodermic needles in both my forearmvains injected by my mother with Dolantine.

My psychologist is the best while guiding me.

I saw the Little me and then the Big me next to him.

The Big, Original Me, was inplaced to protect The Little Me.

Everything changed after this.

the theories on parenting your inner child helped me, tremendously, not only in my personal healing, but in healing children, as well.

these days i let mini me out on a routine basis. the little imp has even charmed me out of a jam or two. turns out she's not the stupid brat everybody kept telling her she was.
Not open for further replies.