Share an imperfection

Men are strange. They DFC about the things women care about.
Van Morrison was right though "All the girls go by dressed up for each other". I don't get the foot thing though, the only time I like them is when they are on ly shoulders........

Anyway......Not an imperfection now but when I grew up we were just getting past the "you should all be right handed" era and teachers had no idea how to help lefties with handwriting skills.....
I spent several hours trying to edit a document with student names in it (it kept filling in the same name to each blank), before realizing I could just print it without names and write them in. Umm….duh. Pen and paper still work! Imagine my surprise when I’m writing my name in each of the teacher slots and think, oh, filling in the same name there would’ve saved me 10 minutes rather than costing me another 10 🤦🏻‍♀️