Share your exercise playlists

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I usually listen to just plain shuffle of my entire tens of GBs wort of music library when out walking/hiking, but for my walkman for swimming I actually need to limit it to 4GBs and I'm uncreative and SUCK at making decisions, so all suggestions are welcomed. Bands, albums, specific individual songs, ...

What are you listening to when exercising?

Tornadic Thoughts

There's absolutely no method to my purposeful movement madness, but some of my favorite jams/bands to dance to/hula hoop to/bounce on the mini-trampoline to/pedal to/dig in the dirt to/walk to/mow grass to/etc. are:

Wookiefoot - Junk Food, Don't Should On Me, Just Visiting, etc.
Michael Franti - Yell Fire (especially), Hello Bonjour, Everybody Ona Move, etc.
Metallica - Enter Sandman, Holier Than Thou, Don't Tread On Me, Through the Never, etc.
String Cheese Incident - Joyful Sound
Grateful Dead - Mr. Charlie Told Me So, Shakedown Street, etc.
Clanadonia - a Scottish drumming band that makes it impossible to sit still
Beats Antique - Beauty Beats, Erase, Oriental Uno, Junktion, etc.

....and so many more, depending on the mood and activity.
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