Sharing an Essential Oil Blend for Insomnia


An Essential Oil Blend for Insomnia...

You will need:

1 50ml brown leakproof bottle.
Palma Rosa Essential
Geranium Essential oil
Roman Chamomile Essential oil
Carrier oil of your choice.

Take the top of the bottle and add the following;

15 drops of Palma Rosa essential oil
15 drops of Geranium essential oil
15 drops of Roman Chamomile essential oil

Top up with carrier oil to the neck of the bottle.

Put the top back on and gently roll and tip over top to bottom to blend oils in with carrier.
Do not shake as this can create air bubbles that can hold undiluted essential oils.

To Use: Pour about half a teaspoon into your hand and rub hands together gently.
Massage into the upper chest and along collar bone.

For a better therapeutic effect have someone massage it gently onto the top of your shoulders.

The Palma Rosa is good for balancing mind and body A warning with this one Avoid if pregnant But I am sure not many Veterans will have an issue with this.
Geranium Essential oil is good for relieving anxiety and anger by relaxing the body and mind.
Roman Chamomile is great for its mild sedative and soothing effect along with its calming effect for stressed body and mind.

I would recommend you do not use this every night, not because of anything else but you could get used to it and it may not be as effective. 3 or 4 nights in a row and then give it a miss for a couple of nights. Then you can use it again.

If you use it and it works well for you please share your experience and let others know


This stuff really works. A friend created it and it has gone global. She does not want money but asks that you share it with anyone ya know who may need it. If you wish to pay give a bit to a charity for children or animals that are being abused.


I am surprised no one seems interested. This blend was made especially for people suffering from PTSD.
People who like to mix essential oils will come across this thread, eventually - sometimes, it takes time for things to get noticed.

I know for myself that I've never had the interest in investing in the basic stuff needed to work with oils - glass bottles, carrier oil, and some amount of knowledge so I don't accidentally make myself or my cats sick. But that's just me; forum users will eventually find the information and I'm sure some will find it useful.


forum users will eventually find the information and I'm sure some will find it useful.
Thank you @joeylittle, I know I am a little over-excited. I have heard many good things about this oil blend and I am anxious to help others. I suppose I should cool my jets and relax. I just want others to enjoy the benefits and end suffering from insomnia.


I would like to try this. I use lavender incense at bedtime, and lavender oil in my bath but that is the extent of my dabbling. I have the bottles and oil because I wanted to make oils out of my herbs but I haven't yet. I hope this gives me the push to take on another project.


By the way, if anyone needs a source for CBD oil try the following link... Lazarus Naturals - Buy CBD Oil | Cannabidiol Oil | CBD Shop

They have an assistance program. If you are a veteran, have a low income, or are disabled; you can get your CBD oil and other products at 60% off the regular retail price.

I happen to qualify on all three accounts and enjoy the discount. The product is good they just want to try to make it affordable for people on the struggle.


Thanks, Lionheart, I went there and submitted my assistance form and will order some balm when it is accepted. I really need an alternative for Restless Leg Syndrome, of which I have a horrid case. My last neurologist told me I was the second worst she had seen.

My new doc told me I was a drug addict since I was taking suboxone for RLS, which doesn't make any sense since it is a drug used for addicts, and he won't increase my RLS meds or give me suboxone. I have found many, many studies that have found that opioids are part of the dosing for RLS, but he just said I was drug seeking. That must be why I stopped my chronic pain meds by myself when my back surgery worked, and why I still have some patches left over. I don't think an addict would have extra pain meds. Either way, I am also getting my medical MJ card since there is some anecdotal evidence that MJ helps RLS, but no studies in the US since it is so hard to get approved. If not, I'll just use horse wormer...


Yes, @DharmaGirl, it is a shame that so many physicians think anyone asking for pain meds is a drug-seeker. This type of thinking has hurt those of us who are genuinely in need of strong medication. And suboxone is not another addiction. I know because my daughter is hooked on meth and needs the alternative to get clean.

I hope you are soon approved for the CBD products and that it provides you with relief from the RLS!!!

My best to ya,


I had my tele appointment for my MJ license and just have to wait for the paper to get the card. The doc was awesome and helpful unlike my primary care. I wish my primary was as vivacious and helpful. Anyway, thanks to your thread kick starting my MJ license and learning lots of stuff about it. I hope I can tolerate it since I don't like to be high. If not I'll just use CBD.


You are most welcome!- I love Lazarus naturals, I have been taking CBD tincture to help me sleep. and with the discount, I can afford to buy it.