Shit just remembered last night's nightmare


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Oh god, I'm sitting at my laptop studying and I just remembered the HORRIFIC nightmare I had last night. I was with my mother (whom I have no memory of abusing me) and I was asking her detailed questions about abusing me / raping me and trying to get her on record on my phone. She answered and I remember getting mega upset (in the dream). The actual abuse was at the hand of my maternal grandfather and my own father. Then the nightmare flipped and I had left my phone in the hotel my mothere was staying in (I think she had been trying to abuse me in the nightmare as well) and I spent ages trying to get back to this hotel where (a new abuser) was to get my phone as I'd left it. The whole thing was so real and so f*cking horrible. I've been exhausted all day and now I've just figured out why. God I hate nights like that. I LITERALLY just remembered it... A


This happens to me a lot. Sometimes I talk about “flashbacks to nightmares” where I have a flashback feeling, except it’s of the nightmare I had forgotten instead of the trauma. Something triggers the memory and it’s exhausting. I’m sorry you’re going through that.