Research Short online research questionnaire looking for people with PTSD related to accidents, injuries, illnesses, loss and disasters

NHS Ethics Approval number: 293056


We are doing research to look at the differences between people who have experienced interpersonal (purposefully caused by another person, e.g. abuse) versus non-interpersonal traumas (e.g. accidents) to help improve psychological treatments.

To learn more about this area, we still need to hear from people who have experienced PTSD in relation to:
- Accidents
- Life-threatening illnesses
- Injuries
- Having lost a loved one to an illness or an accident
- Natural disasters
- Police, Firemen, Paramedics, Nurses, Healthcare staff who have been exposed to these in their jobs

Please note, you do not need to live in the UK to take part. All responses are welcome!

The study involves a short anonymous online questionnaire below:

We are incredibly grateful for your help and support. Thank you! And take good care of yourselves!


I’ve never personally known anyone who hasn’t experienced both (interpersonal & non-interpersonal) coming from a combat /NGO /disaster response background.

So it will be interesting to read how the other halves 😉 live, where there is no natural intersection.