since my cptsd and despite therapy i cannot be around other people -

I guess its mainly around being alone with some man or woman

so i jsut stay alone

i feel like an empty shell also

i dont know how i got ocd but i believe it was from my ex cos thats when it started

he has narcissitic personality disorder

im currently given up on looking for teh right meds

hurts me that no one listens to boundaries


Are you in therapy? It generally takes a long time with therapy and a long time finding the right meds but you won't get any better if you don't. I have found that people generally don't listen to boundaries the first time, and sometimes they never do. You have to be able to keep up your boundaries every time they are tested. That's one reason why therapy is so helpful. I wish you the best in getting better.


Hi @princesschristine welcome to you.

I feel like a shell too. Try not to give up on yourself, boundaries are what you do in response to when they're not respected. I hope you can find a T and get stronger and find hope. Start with small things, things you enjoy, baby steps. You can do it. 🤗