Relationship Sitting in the car, trying to find the strength to go inside.

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I’ve been sat sitting in my car outside my house for some time trying to find the strength to go in
Sitting numb looking at this site, this post, numb as what to write
Its like the tidal wave of grief has rolled back over me but the sadness is from recent events, from the realisation that happiness and what we had has gone, been destroyed
I wish I knew what I was asking for help with right now, maybe this post is here because I’m hopefully safe to put it out there, all I know is that I don’t want to go in the house but I also know I have too and soon 😢


I'm sorry.
Feeling unable or scared to go in to your home must be a heavy weight to carry.

Can someone go in with you - would that help? Having someone there with you for a while.

Or delaying going in? A walk first or something to help?

I'm not sure if it is a safety issue in the home that is worrying you, or a loss you face by going in, so I'm finding it hard to know what to say.

But reaching out it good.
You're recognising your feelings and that's healthy.


Maybe break it down into steps, and walk through them in your mind before tackling the impossible task ahead:
I pack my bag
I open the car door
I stand up out of the car with my bag
I close and lock the car door

Just a strategy that works for me when I get frozen, and the thing ahead of me is too big, too hard, too complicated, too scary.
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