Sleep issues


I have days where time goes fast almost like the day is just a dream.most days i wale up amd it feels like the same day replaying itself i know its not thats just how it feels and i. Beginning to have issues with sleeping again some days i can sleep for hours other days i cant sleep and if i do its like i didn't sleep yet im not tired.

Im so frustrated.
Hey @Kaylove498 - sleep imo is a health issue. Like food, exercise and hygiene. Treat it that way and you may find you'll be less frustrated by it. Rather than it or other things dictating to you when you sleep, take charge and you determine when you sleep and wake. If you establish a routine of sleeping at about the same time & duration each night and most importantly waking and getting up each day then you may begin to unravel the problem and begin to benefit from it more and more.

Sleep isn't an optional extra. You need sleep for your mental and physical health. Don't sleep during the day. Make sure you get some sunshine for at least half an hour outside. Turn off your devices at least an hour before you want to sleep and read a book - a real book or listen to an audio book.

Make your bedroom a quiet comfortable place that's not too warm. Make your bed every day after sleeping in it. Idk why that helps but it does for me. :cautious:

Make a to do list and try to achieve something on that list each day. But at the same time don't belt yourself up if you don't get all of it done.

Like everything tuning your body into a healthy sleep habit takes practice so don't give up if you get out of kilter or find it difficult. Good luck. :)